Monday, April 04, 2005

Update: Blogspot Confirms Virus Shutdown AVT

Thank you for all the emails of support. We have found the problem and Blogspot believes the shutdown was isolated to our site.

Due to the unusually high amount of traffic AVT was generating - and the excellent research Blogspot did to find out what shut our site down - we have been authorized to use new beta-Blogspot software in the future.

The team at AVT will be returning with a new beta version of hacker free Blogspot software. We will be having off site back up.

The AVT team would ask that anyone with archives of previous AVT posts please send them to our email and we will try to recreate past posts.

In the mean time we will try to build a site more secure than Daschle's voter ID program. Impenetrable to outside trojan horses.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Thanks For the Emails

Here is what blogspot is telling AVT:

"Blogger Bugs
Blogger has been having some stability issues, causing occasional errors and/or long delays in navigating around the site, especially affecting the Edit Posts page. We are doing our best to improve the performance. Please see our status page for other updates. "

No kidding...

Sorry to our readers but we are working on this as fast as we can.

Any one with experience of recovering files?

If so please email suggestions to

Holy Blackout

AVT team is working furiously with team to find out why all postings and archives wiped out.

Will hope to be back up shortly